Managing your money when you’re a student can be quite hard, especially if you have a lot of things to pay. Textbook fees, extra class, admission fees, and not to mention if you like to go out, you have to manage your pocket money or your own money in case you have a part-time job. But do not worry, here we have listed several ways on how to do a personal financing on your money, read this article to find out more on how you can save more money, be it for going out or perhaps buying the newest gadgets.

listMake a checklist

Always make a list of what you need to spend on, having a clear idea of where your money is going will help you save money, while also keeping tracks on what your expenses are. Make sure to list the necessities such as rent, admission fees, textbook fees and more, while also listing other expenses like recreation, entertainment, social activities, etc.

Rent or borrowprom

As a student sometimes there are several occasions where you need formal clothing, and usually students do not have that kind of clothes. Instead of buying expensive formal clothes, which you’re going to use probably once a year, opt for renting or borrow instead. Renting is a lot cheaper, while borrowing is free, which is the best option if possible.

Tip: when renting, always make sure that you have your dress a few days before the big day, as this will save you from the panic and anxiety in case something happened, and you don’t have anything to wear.

Student discount

Since you’re a student, make sure that you exploit any student discount there is, there’s a lot of restaurants that offer you some lunch promo if you show your student card. Some bookstores also offer some discount if you’re a student, so keep your eyes peeled for those promos.

booksSell your stuff

In case you’re in dire need of cash, you might want to sell your stuff on the internet. Perhaps you got clothes that you no longer wear, or maybe your old textbook, you can put them off in the internet for half the price the original stuff is, which is a win-win situation for you and the buyer.

Tip: sell things in a bundle to attract more audience to buy your stuff, for example, a complete set of your old textbooks with low price will indeed save the hassle for the buyer.