We often overlooked on how important a medical insurance is for your life, especially if you’re still young and out in the world. But a medical insurance is not cheap, and you might be asking on why you should get one while you’re perfectly healthy. But we cannot predict the future and sometimes accidents, and natural disaster might happen, and a medical insurance might come handy in situations like this. Here we have listed several reasons why you should get medical insurance, hopefully by reading this article you are convinced on getting the insurance that you need.

DoctorCheaper medical services

Although getting a medical insurance is not cheap, it is an excellent investment in the long run. Some countries, such as South Korea offers more affordable medical checkup or procedures if you have medical insurance. This reason is why you should get one to save some money and time, especially if you get sick a lot. A medical insurance fee can be a lot cheaper than going to a doctor without one, so consider on getting one.


We’ve said it before on the previous reason on how getting a medical insurance is an investment, and it is. Just like property prices, medical insurance will also face a rise in their rate, so getting a medical insurance while it’s a lot cheaper is recommended as it gets more expensive in the future. Another tip is that sometimes you will get offered a lot of promos, try to haggle or ask for more promos while comparing the insurance with other companies.

Covers more than what you thinkill

Usually getting a medical insurance is all about hospitalization, and it’s true, although honestly, it is more than that. Depending on your level of cover, nowadays medical insurance can cover many different medical issues such as dental, optical, dietary, and even chiropractic services. Just make sure that your

Tip: since insurance company wants more people in their package, they are more than happy to customize an insurance plan for you and your family, which means a lower insurance price for a lot of people.


Some colleges and universities might need a proof of your health insurance for you to enroll. Another reason is that if you’re trying to apply for an international program or applying jobs for overseas, they might try to check if you have medical insurance or not. Reason why is because they want to make sure you’re covered, if not, you might have to apply for coverage in the country of your destination